Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pancake cooking

Good morning! Today, the 24th, I did a demonstration speech in communications and thought I would fill you in on what happened. My partner, who happened to be a guy, wanted to make pancakes for the demonstration so I thought, "what the heck?", so I let him use his recipe. His part of the speech went great and then I attempted cooking the pancakes in front of my entire class. uh oh... The first pancake started smoking because the pan was too hot. The batter was well cooked, in fact, charred. After that one was done I tried to make another pancake but this one I flipped too early and the pancake "exploded" and batter went everywhere. I dropped the whisk on the kitchen floor in the FCS room and couldn't get the chocolate chip bag open. My partner's recipe was delicious and I have to give him credit, I didn't think he would full fill his part. oh well. I ruined a perfect pancake. I guess my cooking of pancakes is over, I don't want to murder anymore. I felt like an idiot after that presentation but the 25th, today, was our last day so I won't have to face anyone else on how dorky I looked. I still received an A on the project so everything is okay. My teacher also has a great sense of humor so I think that helped my grade. Has anyone else had these types of issues with cooking pancakes or is it just me and my lovely talents with hand and eye coordination?


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