Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Went to Whole Foods....

I went to Whole Foods last night and this is our loot!

From left to right starting with the back row:

1. Karma Puffs- Haven't tried them yet but if they are called "Karma Puffs" they must be good! Organic of course. Hey, if they make healthy popcorn, I will eat it.

2. Cheddar Bunnies- An all time favorite! Those cute little cheesy rabbits.

3. Graham Bunnies- Yes, relative to the cheddar bunnies. These are no ordinary ones, though, these are the graham bunny friends. Which means they are a mixture of chocolate bunnies, chocolate chip bunnies, and honey bunnies : )

4. Snack Mix- These are Barbara's Cinnamon and Honey snack mix which I also haven't tried yet. BTW, in case you didn't notice, I am putting a link on all of these so you can check them out.

5. Krinkle Sticks!- These are actually really good! We got the sour cream and onion flavor ones. They are baked not fried so they are actually healthy! I couldn't get the link to work so if you are really interested to to

6. Pop Chips- Not your average potato chip, these are popped. Available in various flavors : )

7. Granola- Cinnamon raisin, I believe. I don't like raisins but we got them anyways.

8. Chicken Pot Pie soup- The Imagine brand. All organic. All delicious. I think, I still have to eat it : )

9. This isn't on the pitcure but....Zevia- The all natural cola! Made with Stevia, the natual calorie free sweetner rather than splenda which is a man made chemical. This stuff is really good too and calorie free!


  1. Are you gonna bring any of this to school??? :)

  2. Uh, duh! Don't worry, I'll share.