Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Julia Child: Recipe #1

NOTE: Excuse me for not writing in, like, a decade! Things have been hectic as I am sure most can relate too : )

Moving on to more important topics...
I made HOMEADE chocolate mousse this weekend. And it worked! And for all my bleaders out there(brownie points to anyone who can name the book that's from. Google it if you don't), this one tasted a lot better than my last attempt. I have been staring at the recipe forever and finally made it. It was a Julia Child recipe (of course) and came from The French Chef cookbook. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a crazy obsession with anything french and absolutely adores Julia Child like me. Or if you just want chocolate mousse. I am warning you though, and don't say I didn't, because this recipe is a little trickier than those posted on my website. It involves melting chocolate over a double boiler, whipping egg whites until your arm falls off(haha, I have a Kitchenaid) and tempering egg yolks to fold in with the chocolate. Eggs are a delicate thing. Trust me. So if any of you have tried it at school from my lunch box, you already got your bite of heaven. BUT, I am holding off puting the recipe on here because it was Julia Child's and it is a little confusing.

So I am very excited to have completed my first Julia recipe and hope there are more to come, all of which I will make sure to report to you. But now, I have to do my English homework. Does anyone know what the definition of a lemon is? And apparently it's not the fruit. Who knew?


  1. haha! you should try to master one of her cookbooks! just not in a year like julie in the movie! unless u want to!

  2. I don't think I can manage cooking a live lobster or making aspic!

  3. LOL did u figure out what the deffiniton is?

  4. Yep. Lemon(not the fruit) means a disappointment.

  5. ya, very true. but i bet if u looked hard u could buy like lobster tofu, or u can prolly get dead lobster and it would taste the same. but that would b descusting i think.... haha!